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Woodbine, Maryland
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EnviroSept Furnace Units: $259.95
w/ 14 Replacement Pads

EnviroSept Portable Console: $329.95
w/ 14 Replacement Pads

FREE Shipping in the 48 States!

The patented EnviroSept Electronic Whole House Air Cleaner is an enhanced media filter, utilizing the concept of dielectric polarization to effectively remove sub-micron particulate. The EnviroSept, available in twenty-eight standard sizes and 7 oversizes, was designed to easily replace any existing 1" thick disposable furnace filters without the need for costly ductwork.

The affordable EnviroSept, with its’ ease of handling, low maintenance, and reliability has made it the air cleaner of choice for thousands of satisfied homeowners. More important is the high efficiency of the EnviroSept in the removal of air borne particulate, which leads to cleaner and healthier homes for persons with allergies or asthma.

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