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  • 2018: Becomes a Aquaspace Distributor!!
  • 2017: EnviroSept Top Retailer!
  • 2016: EnviroSept Top Retailer!
  • 2014: Celebrated 20 years of Service!
  • 2010: Becomes a Crystal Quest Distributor!
  • 2008: Alternative Medicine Digest magazine changes name to Natural Solutions magazine.
  • 2004: Celebrated 10 years of Service!
  • 1999: Natural Solutions Environmental Incorporated
  • 1998: Became a Member of Water Quality Association. (WQA)
  • 1998: Becomes EnviroSept National Distributor!
  • 1997: Started WebSite
  • 1995: Started Advertising in Alternative Medicine Digest and became Longest running advertiser in their magazine.
  • 1994: Natural Solutions founded.

Good Health Directory

On behalf of Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc., I want to thank you for visiting us and/or being our customer. You are very important to us and I want you to know that our goal has always been to provide quality products at the best prices, informative information, and excellent customer service.

We continually strive to provide quality products and find new solutions that meet the ever changing environment we all live in.

Seeking a quality company offering healthy living products can be pretty hard these days because of all the "here today, gone tomorrow" websites and copycat companies! YOU, our customer, have made us a trusted retailer and e-commerce leader since 1997!  

Founded in 1994, and entering the web in 1997 (Actually 1995-96 via Sprynet Website), Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. is one of theInternet's  LARGEST, longest running and well established healthy living environmental appliance retailers on the web. We set the standards for others to follow!

We DO NOT make you join a club or set up an account to see or order products! For your security, we DO NOT keep your information on a web server like others do. ALL information you give us for an order including Name, Address, etc. are done on an encrypted Secure Server. As soon as you are done picking out the products you want you go to CheckOut which is ALL on a Secure Server. We use Cookies for Ordering purposes ONLY and require Javascript be enabled.

As requested by many, our On-line orders are NOW processed automaticaly by PayPal Merchant Services. They process Credit Cards Direct OR accept Paypal account information. Paypal is one of the most popular methods of making a financial transaction on the Internet. When you order on-line we never see your credit card or bank account details. All credit card processing is handled by Paypal whom primary concern is security. You receive a confirmation of the order and after it is processed you receive a paid receipt via e-mail.

We have a Strict Privacy Policy which means that NO CUSTOMER INFORMATION is EVER given out to Mailing List Companies and we, Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc., make up NO mailing lists ourselves. We, Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. share NO customer information with anyone for ANY reason. We keep ALL Customer Information PRIVATE and Confidential!

Our main goal is to provide products and information to help you to create a healthier living environment and with hopes of improving the quality of your life. We have products ranging from the best HEPA Air Cleaners on the market to home water distillation units for your cooking and drinking water and many other products for healthier living. We carry OVER 500+ products!

Allergists and Doctors refer their patients to our website because we have the Air information, a wide range of SAFE air cleaners and air purifiers to which they can recommend to their patients AND because of our NO Ozone policy!

The Manufacturers we represent are all well established and all have quality products and we are Authorized DIRECT DISTRIBUTORS for all Manufacturers shown above. We provide FULL product information and the price you see for a product is always the price you pay... There are NO hidden charges, Fees or surprise charges at check out!

We always have had, and always will have -   FREE Shipping to the 48 States!

We are proud to be one of the oldest and respected health related products company on the internet since 1997!. We are also proud to be one of the leaders in Air Cleaning and Water Distiller products on the net as well. Most of all, we are proud to have you as a customer and to serve you!

Thank You - For Visiting Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc.....!

Regards, Founder - President & CEO of Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc.

Why a Frog in our Logo?

Frogs are very important to our natural ecosystems. They control bugs and help keep the ecosystem in balance. They also are an IMPORTANT indicator of when problems arise in the ecosystems.

Water is the most important nonliving component of an ecosystem. Since frogs live their whole life in the water the health of frogs can be used to partially determine the health of the ecosystems water system.

Frogs represent to humans a sort of ecological "Canary in a Coalmine." The deformities and rapid disappearance of many species of frogs is a sure sign that something is going wrong with our water system on our planet. (The water we need to survive!)

Frogs are "Eco-Friendly".

We encourage you to Join FROG WATCH USA and help monitor our little green friends.

2008 is also the Year of the Frog!

The owner of Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. is also a long time member of Chicago Zoological Society Brookfield Zoo and their conservation efforts.

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About Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc.We provide quality environmental and health products and supply Brand New Products with FREE SHIPPING! . We do NOT sell lower cost Used, Re-furbished, Demoed or Re-built products. The next time you see outstanding prices on supposedly equal products ask yourself this: "Is the price too good to be true?" Most of the time, it probably is!

Many consumers eventually realize that buying lower cost products usually means low quality as well. The old statement "You get what you paid for" really is a fact in the air and water quality business. Many companies know the worth of their products.. that is why many of their products are low in price and usually the quality of the product follows.

If the quality of drinking water or indoor air quality makes the news somewhere, its likely that there will be a rash of fraudulent telemarketers or dealers selling water purifiers or air cleaners within weeks or days making false claims. The chances of these products being quality products are very low, especially if they make a lot of outrageous claims, AND, as soon as the News hype is gone... so are they! "If it is to good to be true, it probably is!"

Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. (Since 1994) provides a variety (Over 500+) Environmental Products such as HEPA air Cleaners and Water Distillation and filtration systems to attack Indoor air Pollution and Water Quality issues. We also carry a variety of other products such as Bidets, Massagers, Juicers, Vapor Steam Cleaners, Dehumidifiers, Commercial Air Cleaners Air Sterilizers and more.. The products we provide with FREE SHIPPING have been chosen over others because : "We searched for the Best products on the market to provide the latest in technology and effectiveness especially for our Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Suffer customers." The quality of the products we carry are of the highest standards and we use many of the products we sell. NO product we carry is a MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) or Network Marketing product.

We are not one of those Dot Com businesses that evolved because of the Web. We, in fact, entered the Web in 1997 which was three years after we started. We have seen, and you may also have seen in the News as well, that Dot Com companies do not last very long. They simply do not know their products and/or provide lower quality and lower priced products that consumers eventually learn about and stop buying from them. Then, they are gone. We have proven that we are a stable company Since 1994 and have become well known on the internet and the industry.

Unlike many of our competitors WE KNOW OUR PRODUCTS and use many of them ourselves!

PRICES: Our Prices for ALL Products are clearly stated on each product page and, except for large multiple product purchases, ALL customers pay the same.

Many Online retailers charge shoppers different prices for their products. The industry calls this "PRICE CUSTOMIZATION". You may be able to tell this when you see statements on websites such as "Call for better price", "Send us your E-Mail for prices", "We will not be undersold", "We beat competitors prices", "Manufacturer's pricing policy prohibits us from publishing prices", etc..   

Retailer website clubs or sites requiring your E-Mail before you see prices may mean first-time buyers at a retailer could see higher prices than a firm's repeat customers.

Price comparison websites mainly only have retailers who pay to be listed and prices shown may not be the lowest available on the net.

You should not be penalized or charged higher prices simply because you are a first time buyer!

We also DO NOT use sales tactics such as Sales Hype and Cliches to sell a product nor do we offer hugh discounts! We DO NOT use Sales Hype and Cliches such as "#1 Choice of Allergy Doctors", "Revolutionary Products" and so on. We also NEVER use pressure tactics and NEVER BASH competitors products simply to make a sale! We do not need to do these things because we provide Top Quality Products, products that are worth their price.

Many customers have asked how they can tell if a seller on the web is being truthful when they say "We are the Oldest on the web". Simply take these statements as Sales Hype and that is all. We have seen many state on their website that they have been on the web since 1995 (we have seen some say since 1989!) and they have a .org as a business. .ORG for businesses was not available until 2000 and 2001.

How Long has a company been on the internet selling? - History of the Internet!

Many do not know the history of the internet when it comes to retail sales. Don't be fooled by those that say they been selling on the internet before 1994. Even did'nt get started on the internet until 1995. Compuserve, America Online (AOL) and Prodigy all started in 1995. Commercialization of the internet did not really start until 1994-95. Companies did'nt get going on the internet for retail sales until 1996-1997. (The Owner of Natural Solutions was actually on the Web using GENIE (General Electric On-Line Service) in 1986 and it was in text mode only, no graphics or windows! )

So, when someone tells you they been selling on the internet or they are the premier internet merchant since 1987, 1988, 1989 or 1990 etc., you need to think about how truthful they are or are not! Many say they been on the web selling since 1995 or 1998 but when we look them up we find they really did not get the Domain until 2001 or even 2003. Look some up and see for yourself.


You can find out when a website Domain Name was first Created by using WHOIS. Just look at the Created Date towards the bottom the the domain info. If someone tells you they were on the Web in 1998 and the date says 2002, you know someone is not telling the truth... If you look up you will see it was Created on Nov. 20th 1997 and was created in 1999! Just like we say!

Go Here to Find Whois Domain Created Date:

Why we do not use Testimonials!

We also do not believe in Testimonials simply because they are to easy to fabricate and make up. For an example, we watched a brand new product enter the market and it already had over 15 Testimonials and it was advertised as being Rated the #1 product by consumers. How is this possible if it is so brand new that no one knew about the product? Amazing, is'nt it! We say you should IGNOR Testimonials unless you can verify them.

Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. (Since 1994) has a STRICT POLICY of providing ONLY FACTORY BRAND NEW units many of which are DIRECT FROM FACTORY to insure you are getting the latest product and not some product that has been sitting on a shelf for months. We WILL NOT and DO NOT provide Lower Cost, Re-Built, Re-Furbished, Used or Discounted products. We feel your Air and Water and Environmental concerns are that important! Remember, "You Pay for What You Get"and "If it is to good to be true it probably is!" - Be a Better informed consumer.... and use common sense!

We hope you will find the information and our On-line product catalog contained on our Web Site both informative and helpful. Bringing you the BEST products for a healthier indoor living environment is our goal and commitment. We know we are doing something right when our competitors try to use our name ( Natural Solutions ) and say they have the Natural Solutions. We are not associated with any of those companies. There is only the One Real Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. Company Web Site and you are here right now!!!

Thank you for your time and we look forward to serving you.....

Happy, Healthy Breathing, Drinking  and Living!

From the REAL Natural Solutions, the Environmental one!

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Copyright(c)1994-2018 Natural Solutions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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